mEssI is the bEst

The good sires at BackPage Football have opened up their annual “Top 50 Players in the World” list. I’ll be contributing to the profiles of those who are voted into the top 50, but until then the polls are open to submit your top 25. Without spending hours on creating my top 25, here’s what I came up with in about 20 minutes…

1. Messi 2. Ronaldo 3. Iniesta 4. Xavi 5. Robin Van Persie 6. Joe Hart 7. Neymar 8. Falcao 9. David Silva 10. Luka Modric 11. Thiago Silva 12. Edinson Cavani 13. Diego Forlan 14. Iker Casillas 15. Vincent Kompany 6. Sergio Busquets 17. Gareth Bale 18. Juan Mata 19. Kun Aguero 20. Zlatan Ibrahimovic 21. Gerard Pique
22. Roberto Soldado 23. Lucas Leiva 24. Diego Lugano 25. Antonio Di Natale

By multima Dengan kaitkata

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